Syrosingopine sensitizes cancer cells to killing by metformin

We are convinced that the anticancer activity from the broadly used diabetic drug metformin is strongly potentiated by syrosingopine. Synthetic lethality elicited by mixing the 2 drugs is synergistic and particular to transformed cells. This effect is unrelated to syrosingopine’s known role being an inhibitor from the vesicular monoamine transporters. Syrosingopine binds towards the glycolytic enzyme a-enolase in vitro, and also the expression from the ?-enolase isoform correlates with nonresponsiveness towards the drug combination. Syrosingopine sensitized cancer cells to metformin and it is stronger derivative phenformin far underneath the individual toxic threshold of every compound. Thus, mixing syrosingopine and codrugs is really a promising therapeutic technique for clinical application to treat cancer.